About the Duntroon Society

Background. The Duntroon Society was formed on 27 June 1980 (the 69th anniversary of the opening of the Royal Military College) by the then commandant Major General A.L. Morrison who perceived a need for an organisation through which former cadets and past and present members of the staff could keep in touch with one another and the College. With the centralisation of all Australian Army officer training at RMC, the Society broadened its membership to include graduates, staff and friends of all previous officer training institutions as well as RMC. On 7 July 2008, the RMC Association was incorporated, with the Duntroon Society Committee as one of its four standing committees. As a result of later changes to Defence financial policy, the RMC Association was wound up and the Duntroon Society was incorporated in the ACT on 16 April 2014.

Objectives. The objectives of the Duntroon Society are to:

  • enable its members to maintain an informal association with the College;
  • keep contact with its members through a regular newsletter;
  • foster social and professional contact among its members;
  • support the RMC in such ways as the Commandant may consider appropriate; and
  • honour and promote the legacy of graduates of RMC, OCS Portsea, WRAAC OCS and OTU Scheyville.

MembershipThe Society offers Ordinary and Associate Membership:

Ordinary Membership is available to all graduates of RMC, OCS Portsea, WRAAC OCS and OTU Scheyville; including all Specialist Service Officers and Army Reserve Officers who completed their training at RMC Duntroon.

Associate Membership is available to:

  • Serving and former Specialist Service Officers and Army Reserve Officers whose commissioning preceded such training at RMC Duntroon.
  • Serving and former Australian graduates of the Officer Cadet School of New Zealand and officers who have transferred from other armed forces to the Australian Army.
  • Former members of the military and civilian staffs of Australian officer training establishments, their families, and other persons who wish to join the Society and are recommended by a current member.

Applications for membership can be made at http://www.dunsoc.com/join

Organisation. The Duntroon Society is an association of individuals, who are grouped for convenience into branches that exist and operate under the authority of a governing body. The governing body of the Society is the Duntroon Society Council, which comprises:

  • the office bearers (President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary and two other members appointed by the President);
  • the convenors (or their proxies) of all the branches of the Society; and
  • Ordinary Members appointed by the Council, selected so as to ensure, as far as possible, that the governing body includes representatives of RMC and the former OCS, OTU and WRAAC OCS.

Further information.  The Charter and Rules  of the Duntroon Society provides further information about the operation of the Society.

Society Activities. The Society provides:

  • Support to the College through the provision of prizes, guided tours of Duntroon and other support as agreed by the Commandant.
  • Branch activities which usually include luncheons, dinners with guest speakers, and social events.
  • Publication of two newsletters each year
  • The Society is a philanthropic partner with the Podmore Foundation