Updated Charter of the Duntroon Society

The charter of the society was updated by agreement of the Annual General Meeting of the Society on 17 November 2016. 

The updated charter provides for the following:

  1. Clarification of eligibility for membership of the Society, in particular to ensure that all Specialist Service Officers and Army Reserve Officers who completed their training at RMC Duntroon are eligible for Ordinary membership and that serving and former Specialist Service Officers and Army Reserve Officers whose commissioning preceded such training at RMC Duntroon are eligible for associate membership.  Associate membership is also clarified for serving and former Australian graduates of the Officer Cadet School of New Zealand and officers who have transferred from other armed forces to the Australian Army.
  2. Acknowledgement of RMC Duntroon as the Army’s sole initial officer training establishment.
  3. Variation of the third object of the society (foster social contact among its members) to include the fostering of ‘social and professional contact’ among its members.   
  4. The adding of a fifth object of the Society, to “Honour and promote the legacy of graduates of RMC, OCS Portsea, WRAAC OCS and OTU Scheyville.”  
  5. The outline of the Duntroon Society Council has been updated to reflect the structure attendant upon the Incorporation of the Society in the ACT on 16 April 2014.
  6. That the Rules of the Society are specified as those recorded as part of the act of Incorporation in the ACT.  
Posted on November 27, 2016 .