In 1994 Honorary Life Membership was instituted to recognise individuals who had rendered significant service to the Duntroon Society. Once the Royal Military College of Australia Association Incorporated was formed in 2008 and subscriptions were no longer collected, Life Membership lost meaning and it was decided to replace it with the award of Fellow. Existing Life Members were automatically inducted as Fellows and the new award was first made in late 2008.

The list of those so honoured by the Duntroon Society is shown below in chronological order of the award.


Name Background Status
Hutton, H V RMC military staff (WO2 Sigs) deceased
Hoare, J A RMC military staff (Chaplain) deceased
O’Callaghan, C E RMC military staff (Matron) deceased
Morrison, A L RMC military staff, also Society founder deceased
Dempsey, B RMC academic staff (Chemistry) deceased
Wark, W J RMC military staff (RQMS) deceased
Watson, G E RMC military staff (WO1 AWAS, WW2), also widow of RSM deceased
Hodges, H S RMC academic staff (Economics) Canberra
Laird, J T RMC academic staff (English) deceased
Bullen, J E Society ACT Br Secretary Canberra
Hamlyn, R D Society NSW Br Secretary deceased
Paley, J T RMC military staff (UK exchange) deceased
Harding, R R Society Newsletter Editor Canberra
Moyle, R J Duntroon Guides Convener Canberra
Roberts, A R Society OCS representative deceased
Evans, P J A Society ACT Br Convener Canberra
Bergin, N R Society SA Br Convener deceased
Jeffery, P M Governor-General of Australia Canberra
Ryan, M J Society Newsletter Editor and ACT Br Treasurer Canberra
Loughton, G J Society Qld Br Convener Brisbane
Slater, RA Society VIC and TAS Convenor Melbourne
Cosgrove, P J Governor-General of Australia Canberra
Healy, J M Society, WRAAC Rep Murrurundi